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10 foods you should never enjoy behind the wheel

Eating and driving is tempting. You're on a long road trip, and you need that snack to help keep you awake. You want to grab that cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work. You're crunched for time and you figure you'll just grab some fast food for lunch while driving to your next appointment.

Most of the time, you don't think anything of it. That's what the drive-thru is for, right? You're multitasking. It's not a big deal.

It might be. According to the National Highway Association, eating is one of the most common and serious distractions to drivers. It takes your eyes off of the road and your hands off of the wheel.

Not all foods are equal offenders. Below are the top 10 foods they claim you should never consume while you drive.

10. Doughnuts.

Those with jelly or cream inside are the worst. It can explode and get all over your hands, making them slick or sticky.

9. Fried chicken.

It's just not easy enough to eat chicken. It's so labor-intensive that you can't eat it and keep your eyes on the road.

8. Anything with barbecue sauce.

This includes ribs, chicken wings and all the rest. You don't want that sauce on your hands when you're trying to grab the wheel.

7. Chili.

Fast food places will serve you a bowl of chili in a to-go cup, but it's hot and difficult to eat. You need to use both hands -- one for the bowl and one for the spoon -- which means you don't have one left for the wheel.

6. Soda.

How many times have you grabbed a soda at the gas station? It's one of the most commonly-consumed beverage for drivers all over the United States.

5. Chocolate.

The problem is that chocolate melts, and experts note that many drivers will instinctively try to keep it off of the steering wheel and the seat, concentrating on wiping them down and not on driving.

4. Coffee.

Hot coffee burns when spilled, and your first instinct is going to be trying to get the scalding liquid off of you -- even if that means your car goes out of control. Like soda, coffee is extremely popular in the car, but it's also extremely dangerous.

3. Tacos.

Tacos can be very hard to eat behind the wheel. A bump could send them spilling everywhere, while drivers let go of the wheel to frantically try to keep them together.

2. Soup.

The reasoning here is the same as it is with chili: Soup takes two hands to eat, it's scalding hot and it spills easily.

1. Cheeseburgers.

Nothing is more popular at the driver-thru than a cheeseburger, but a greasy, slippery burger makes it hard to hold the steering wheel.

While these may be the most dangerous foods, the reason any food is a hazard is simply that drivers are constantly looking at and thinking about their food when they should be looking at the road. Even if you swear off eating and drinking while you drive, another distracted driver could cause an accident with incredibly high medical bills -- a big price to pay for a quick bite to eat. Be sure you know your rights when this happens.

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