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December 2016 Archives

CONTRACTS: Signing Contracts You Don't Understand

"Your honor, I didn't understand what I signed at the time I signed it." Silence and blank stares as the clerk taps her pencil on the edge of her wooden table while surfing the web. The judge responds, "Then why did you sign it?" This excuse is highly unlikely to pass muster in the court of law. According to the California Code, you are bound by the terms of the document signed, irrespective of your level of understanding and/or ability to interpret those terms. What if you speak Spanish and the contract you signed is in English? You will still be responsible for contracts signed in a language you do not understand because it is your duty to request that the contract be translated into a language you do understand. Arguing that you would not have signed had you been fluent in the language that the contract was drafted in will serve to be futile. Moral of the story is ... you have the right to understand a contract before you are asked to sign it. If there is something you don't understand, ask for an explanation.

CONTRACTS: Read, Then Sign

Has anyone ever pushed a piece of paper in front of you, pointed at the signature line on the last page, and hastened you to sign it? "It's our standard agreement, everyone signs it," they said. You think to yourself, "Maybe I should read this... but it's 8 pages long ... nahhhhh, I'll just sign." And you do the unthinkable: you sign it without reading it. Guess what? You're the majority. Not reading through a long, arduous contract is something almost everyone does. Who has time to read the fine print and all those pages? Well, lawyers do, but if you don't plan on hiring an attorney, below are some tips to help you navigate through unknown territory.  

What damages can I pursue in a personal injury case?

Encino residents who have suffered serious injury or harm as a result of another person's illegal behavior or negligence will have the legal right to seek financial compensation for their damages in civil court. The types of financial compensation pursuable in personal injury cases will depend on the circumstances and extent of the plaintiff's accident and injuries.

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