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Don't Be Afraid to Use Doctors Outside of Your Health Insurance Plan for Personal Injury Cases

Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with over 10 million residents living just in LA county alone. This explains the constant horrendous traffic on the freeways, but more cars also mean more chances of getting into an accident. Accordingly, it would be wise to brush up on your knowledge about your health insurance coverage since personal injury is one of the most common case types in civil law. However, when it comes to health insurance and the doctors a patient can see, you probably have been misinformed.

When you get into a car accident, your auto-collision insurance adjuster will insist that you only see doctors who are within your health insurance network. Why? It's cheaper for them. What they strategically don't tell you is that you have the right to see doctors outside of your health insurance policy! There are several reasons why you may need to see a medical provider that is not covered by your health insurance.

First, most policies do not cover many common types of treatment, including acupuncture, nursing home care, cosmetic surgery, dental, vision, hearing, weight loss surgery, preventative tests, and certain prescriptions.

The second reason you may want to use a doctor not covered under your health insurance is because every person deserves the best of medical attention. You have the right to treat with the doctor of your choice. Why risk compromising your health just because an insurance adjuster prefers that you see a doctor covered by your health insurance? After all, once your claim is closed, that adjuster can care less about the tragic aftermath you have to face on a day-to-day basis after treating with an inexperienced doctor. Let's face it, you're nothing but a number to them. More often than not, they never meet you and they know nothing about the details of your life. Their job is to close your file a second sooner to avoid growing costs. Just because you bought health care with an insurance company does not mean that the adjuster for your car accident claim can limit your options to insufficient providers. By refusing your right to choose, insurance companies are advocating for lower-quality treatment that will save them money but keep you in pain. Furthermore, if costs are an issue, many doctors offer to work on liens, so you can still treat with the best of the best and pay them back once you have settled your case. Don't be afraid to go out there and get the medical treatment you deserve!

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