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Are you familiar with the causes of pedestrian accidents?

As a pedestrian, it's natural to find yourself in close proximity to vehicles. Even if you're walking on the sidewalk, you know that there will be vehicles regularly traveling past you on the road.

Despite the fact that you do your best to avoid trouble, there is always a chance that you could be part of a pedestrian accident at some point in the future. Unfortunately, when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, it's the person walking (or biking) who is at a disadvantage.

10 foods you should never enjoy behind the wheel

Eating and driving is tempting. You're on a long road trip, and you need that snack to help keep you awake. You want to grab that cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work. You're crunched for time and you figure you'll just grab some fast food for lunch while driving to your next appointment.

Most of the time, you don't think anything of it. That's what the drive-thru is for, right? You're multitasking. It's not a big deal.

3 key questions to ask after suffering an injury

You're hurt, lying in your bed at the hospital, able to think of nothing more than your mounting bills with every day that you stay at the medical center. You're not sure what they're going to mean for your family, your children and your future.

You're also missing work, and you don't know what type of hit your career is going to take. Are you going to get back to work eventually? Will they still have a job for you? Is there a chance that the injuries are so bad that you won't work again?

When Fido goes rogue - you have options as a dog bite victim

Imagine going for your morning run. The neighborhood is peaceful, with everyone sleeping in on a Saturday. The sun is barely up and you have a gorgeous spread out in front of you with your favorite playlist providing the perfect soundtrack. As you round the corner at the end of the street, you see the dog.

He stands up on the porch and then starts running toward the perimeter of the yard at full tilt. There is a fence that should keep him, so you are not overly worried. As you get closer, you notice that he is not slowing down. You start to veer off toward the other side of the street, but it is too late. Fido easily clears the fence and is on you like you are his favorite dog treat.

CONTRACTS: Signing Contracts You Don't Understand

"Your honor, I didn't understand what I signed at the time I signed it." Silence and blank stares as the clerk taps her pencil on the edge of her wooden table while surfing the web. The judge responds, "Then why did you sign it?" This excuse is highly unlikely to pass muster in the court of law. According to the California Code, you are bound by the terms of the document signed, irrespective of your level of understanding and/or ability to interpret those terms. What if you speak Spanish and the contract you signed is in English? You will still be responsible for contracts signed in a language you do not understand because it is your duty to request that the contract be translated into a language you do understand. Arguing that you would not have signed had you been fluent in the language that the contract was drafted in will serve to be futile. Moral of the story is ... you have the right to understand a contract before you are asked to sign it. If there is something you don't understand, ask for an explanation.

CONTRACTS: Read, Then Sign

Has anyone ever pushed a piece of paper in front of you, pointed at the signature line on the last page, and hastened you to sign it? "It's our standard agreement, everyone signs it," they said. You think to yourself, "Maybe I should read this... but it's 8 pages long ... nahhhhh, I'll just sign." And you do the unthinkable: you sign it without reading it. Guess what? You're the majority. Not reading through a long, arduous contract is something almost everyone does. Who has time to read the fine print and all those pages? Well, lawyers do, but if you don't plan on hiring an attorney, below are some tips to help you navigate through unknown territory.  

What damages can I pursue in a personal injury case?

Encino residents who have suffered serious injury or harm as a result of another person's illegal behavior or negligence will have the legal right to seek financial compensation for their damages in civil court. The types of financial compensation pursuable in personal injury cases will depend on the circumstances and extent of the plaintiff's accident and injuries.

PERSONAL INJURY: Death of a Litigant

Life is unpredictable. Oftentimes, so is death. In many instances, the plaintiff will pass away before the case settles or prior to trial. Death alone does not allow defendants to discard of the case or to file a request for dismissal. If the decedent had a case pending at the time of their death, Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.31 states that their representative can file a motion after the death of the person who started the action and the court shall allow it to be continued by the decedent's estate, or if none, by the decedent's heirs/successors in interest. The next question is does it affect the damages that can be recovered? Yes. In a survival action the damages recoverable are limited to the loss that the decedent sustained or incurred before death, i.e., economic losses such as medical expenses ALREADY incurred. Penalties, punitive and/or exemplary damages will no longer be recoverable.

Premises Liability: The Trick is on You!

Halloween is just around the corner and this is usually a time of excitement for many people who enjoy the holiday. Kids are eager to trick or treat and get candy. But for some, the costumes and ghouls aren't as scary as a potential lawsuit for premises liability. There is always a chance that someone can get hurt while on your property, especially when people are on your property in the dark coupled with unfixed decorations. So then the question is, are you liable if someone gets hurt on your property?

Significant increase in fatal car accidents in California

Being involved in a car accident is a serious matter. If you or a loved one is involved in a car wreck, you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. In the state of California, car accidents are steadily on the rise. Since 2013, the number of fatal car accidents increased by 13 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests the spike in fatal car accidents derive from people returning to work. The more people are on the road, the greater the risk for a car accident. Many drivers stand by the vehicles they drive due to its safety features. Since 2014, car accidents have shown a steady increase even with the smart technology newer model vehicles obtain.

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